Niall Brennan Stables


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  • KY
  • Mare
  • BAY
  • 2009
Miss Amelia was a 2011 NBS Program Graduate who raced in Minnesota and then went on to produce 4 foals.  The last being registered in November of 2019.   In August of 2020, we were notified by an individual that she had turned up at a feedlot in Eaton, CO.    The individual wasn't familiar with Thoroughbreds and lucky for us put the time and effort into finding Miss Amelia's connections.  We immediately bought her and were told that a horse her size and age should bring an average of $1,100 (meat price).   Her condition was so poor that we paid $700!  The stars lined up and we were able to quickly find her a ride.   The terrified mare quietly loaded on the trailer and made her 48 hour trek to GA were she stayed for several days until shipping arrangements and paperwork was sorted for her last leg of the journey.   A week after first hearing about her plight, Miss Amelia arrived at our farm.   Her condition was beyond horrible,  heartbreaking for all of us to see but rest assured, she is being well loved and slowly coming back.   It is amazing she was able to make the long, hard journey but we are delighted with her spirit and tenacity. 

MISS AMELIA - Niall Brennan - Two Year Old Thoroughbred Consignor