Niall Brennan Stables


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  • Cat Thief
  • Flowers For My Lady
  • Gelding
  • Chestnut
  • 2002

Oscar is an incredible story of tenacity and determination.  In 2003, Oscar arrived at our training center as a "pinhook" prospect.  The next day he developed a raging tendon sheath infection which in turn resulted in three surgeries, many hyperbaric chamber treatments and intense veterinary care to help him over come his horrific ailment.  His tenacity and determination won a special place in all our hearts.  

Obviously, he had no hope of a racing career and his owners at the time walked away from him in mid-battle.   He resided at Niall Brennan Stables and when Final Furlong was developed he was one of the first members.  

Sadly, in April, for no known reason, the infection reoccurred, ten years later!  Again, his tenacity and determination have prevailed and although he continues to battle on, everyone associated with him is amazed by his courage and intelligence.   He has won over a new group of caregivers with his amazing personality and stoic attitude.   With the help of the incredible staff at The Sanctuary (in particular Erin, his second mom!), Steve Shepard (his blacksmith) and Dr. Jonathon McLellan (his vet) we making steady progress and hope to have him home soon.  


OSCAR - Niall Brennan - Two Year Old Thoroughbred Consignor