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Final Furlong Graduate

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FINAL FURLONG is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity (Incorporated 4/01/09), created to establish a safe and secure environment for racehorse graduates of Niall Brennan Stables and it's clients upon completion of their racing careers.  

The goal of FINAL FURLONG is to find a caring home suitable to each horse‚Äôs ability: show, pleasure or simple retirement.   Upon arrival at FINAL FURLONG, a veterinarian will assess each horse and any infirmity or unsoundness will be treated.  The horse will then begin the "let down" process and spend a minimum of 60 days at our facility.  The horse has completed its transformation from racehorse to companion horse when it has become:
  •  relaxed
  •  physically sound
  •  carrying good condition and easy to maintain
  •  safe to handle

FINAL FURLONG will start the process of selecting a home once each horse has achieved this state.   Because each horse is a graduate of our program we will be very familiar with their attitudes, abilities, temperament and we will do our best to match horses to individuals so that everyone benefits from our program.  All horses will be free of charge to the approved adopting home.

FINAL FURLONG simply wants to give these horses, who have given so much, an opportunity to excel at another career. At the same time, owners and clients will have the peace of mind of retiring their horses with the knowledge that they will be given a loving home.  Those who donate a horse to the program are asked to make a one-time donation equivilant of one month's board at the racetrack.   
Final Furlong will assume ownership of the horse immediately and cover all the expenses involved from that point on.  

Donations to our program for the care and comfort of these horses are gratefully accepted

 Final Furlong also wishes to thank the following people for their continued support to our program.  Brookledge Horse Vans, Creech Horse Vans, The Sanctuary, Blacksmiths: Cole Connell  and  Steve Shepard.   We truly appreciate your expertise and kindness!

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our program.

Stephanie Brennan at

Current Final Furlong Horses

8/1/2013 - 8/1/2020
Photo Hip Ped. Name Sex Sire Dam St. YOB Color
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NA No Pedigree Available Ace Pilot Gelding With Distincition 2009 Dark Bay
View Image
NA No Pedigree Available Bon Bon Filly Gimmeawink Biscotti Dark Bay
View Image
NA No Pedigree Available Capone Gelding Stormy Atlantic Classic Neel 2010 Bay
View Image
NA No Pedigree Available Lollipop Kid Colt Lemon Drop Kid Secret Forest 2011 Bay


Congratulations and Best of Luck to new partnerships:

Corkey and Kari Moffat
Epic and Mary Hunter
Forhereyesonly and Brittany King
Gunpowder Creek and Tricia Parkins
Canaan Land and Nicole Kelsch
Janus and Nicole Kelsch
Unbridled Tune and Heather Jenkins 
Tenoria and Teresa Christian
Captain Canuck and Carrie Wojnar 
Alright Now and Ashley Glenn
Notesfromabroad and Marty Whitehouse

Southside Babe and Buckingham Polo Club
Notecard and Buckingham Polo Club
Alex Le Great and Kathyrn Richardson
Effusive and Adria Lehman
Byanosejoe and Katie Walker
Freedom Bay and Dawn Doerr
Denny's Song and Rob Billings
Boulder Creek and Milan
Patriotic Fire and Deb Bonenclark
Sampo and Heather Jenkins
Backnbiz and Sonia Romo

Indy News and Katie Walker
Marbelous Wildcat and Kristin Jungbluth
Shotgun Bandit and Daphney Wood
Distinctive Friend and Brittany Pledger
More Than Capable and Tara Suhls
Not Enough Lime and Pauline Wimberly
Proud and Lucky and Jill Peters
Castleknock and Jane Hilger
Espinoza and Adria Lehman
Midway Train and Diana Rich
Amenable and Kirk Sullens
Nostra Aetate and Adria Lehman
Premium Gold and Julie Cabral
Cognito and Maghan Pruitt
Sweet Ginger and Palmer Pedigo
Half Metal Jacket and Kate Busey
Ace Pilot and Alan Rennie
Empire State and Ashley Glenn

All Brown and Madison Murray and Elisabeth Disantis
Paradise Bridge and Mara Hagan
Southernmostpoint and Kim Hiles
Hehasnosay and Pam Johnson
That'srightofficer and Maika Aquilar
Wapomeo and Christain Love
Rogue Agent and Peter
Motor Patrol and Shannon Risner
Titan Of Industry and Heather Wright
Brakelights and The Church Family
Humor The Man and Janet Andersson
Canaan Land and Niall Brennan Stables
Rathmore and Carrie Wojnar
Miss Palm Cat and Carrie Wojnar 
Song Of The West and Mary Bolton
Extreme Frolic and Maghan Molloy
Ranger James and Kim Hiles
Luna Nova and Danielle Ballou
Officer Flirt and Maghan Molloy
Always On The Move and Rob Billings
 Bounder and Adria Lehmann

I look forward to all of my training rides  on SAMPO as he tries to connect with you on the ground and has such a wonderful work ethic. He is smart, brave, well balanced, and is going "to go places" in the not so far future.
Heather Jenkins

"Every horse that I have adopted from Final Furlong has been such a treasure and they express a will to be successful in their new careers as hunters/jumpers but I feel that comes from the wonderful care that final furlong gives these horses who were blessed to have a second chance."
Adria Lehman

Marley is everything you said he was!  He has been extremely well behaved and very easy to handle.  He is like a big puppy! Thank you so much for everything, I think you have a wonderful program. 
Kristin Jungbluth

Indy has been an absolute gem to work with in everything we've done.  It has been a pleasure to have Indy and I can't thank you enough for what you do with the program!
Katie Wimberly





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