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Medal Round enjoying his safe
retirement as a lifer with Final Furlong

FINAL FURLONG is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity (Incorporated 4/01/09), created to establish a safe and secure environment for racehorse graduates of Niall Brennan Stables and it's clients upon completion of their racing careers.  

 The goal of FINAL FURLONG is to find a caring home suitable to each horse‚Äôs ability: show, pleasure or simple retirement.   Upon arrival at FINAL FURLONG, a veterinarian will assess each horse and any infirmity or unsoundness will be treated.  The horse will then begin the "let down" process and spend a minimum of 60 days at our facility.  The horse has completed its transformation from racehorse to companion horse when it has become:
  •  relaxed
  •  physically sound
  •  carrying good condition and easy to maintain
  •  safe to handle

 will start the process of selecting a home once each horse has achieved this state.   Because each horse is a graduate of our program we will be very familiar with their attitudes, abilities, temperament and we will do our best to match horses to individuals so that everyone benefits from our program.  All horses will be free of charge to the approved adopting home.

simply wants to give these horses, who have given so much, an opportunity to excel at another career. At the same time, owners and clients will have the peace of mind of retiring their horses with the knowledge that they will be given a loving home.  Those who donate a horse to the program are asked to make a one-time donation equivilant of one month's board at the racetrack.   
Final Furlong will assume ownership of the horse immediately and cover all the expenses involved from that point on.  

Donations to our program for the care and comfort of these horses are gratefully accepted

Final Furlong also wishes to thank the following people for their continued support to our program.  FEVA, Brookledge Horse Vans, Creech Horse Vans,  Blacksmiths: Cole Connell  and  Steve Sheppard.   We truly appreciate your expertise and kindness

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our program.

Stephanie Brennan at [email protected]


Current Final Furlong Horses

8/1/2013 - 8/1/2020
Photo Status Hip Ped. Name Sex Sire Dam St. YOB Color Video
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NA No Pedigree Available PERSONAL TIME Gelding Malibu Moon Lady Liberty 2015


The horses listed below are considered our "lifers". They are happy and healthy horses but are unplacable due to racing or training injuries. Final Furlong has dedicated a 15 acre paddock to the lifers so they can safely and comfortably live our their life. They are attended to by their groom who feeds them twice daily, grooms and bathes them. Life is a good thing for these lucky guys!

Current Lifer Horses

8/28/2015 - 8/26/2025
Photo Status Hip Ped. Name Sex Sire Dam St. YOB Color Video
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Trail Horse NA No Pedigree Available Ace Pilot Gelding With Distincition Story Of Glory 2009 Dark Bay
View Image
LIFER NA No Pedigree Available Esperence Gelding Wild Again Lotka 1997 Bay
View Image
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LIFER NA No Pedigree Available Medal Round Gelding Medaglia D'Oro Tee Off 2007 Bay
View Image
NA No Pedigree Available MONEY LAUNDERING Gelding Overanalyze Greenbackhasvalue 2015 BAY
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LIFER NA No Pedigree Available OSCAR Gelding Cat Thief Flowers For My Lady 2002 Chestnut
View Image
LIFER NA No Pedigree Available Sumphin Gelding Siphon Fiscal Gold 2004 Bay
View Image
LIFER NA No Pedigree Available Tom The River Rat Gelding Virginia Rapids First Spot 1998 Bay
View Image
LIFER NA No Pedigree Available U.S. Deputy Gelding Not For Love Lemons N Limes 2006 Bay

                Congratulations and Best of Luck to new partnership   
Midnight Curfew and Lacey Westover
Medina Ridge and Joy Lambert
Deal With It Dude and Jesse Karkoski
Undertherain and Daisy Traynor
Miamaya and Emma Whillan
False Confession and Hannah Grimm
Blockade and Joy Lambert
Fast Talking and Horse Haven Stables
Castle Road 18 and  Annelisa McCavera
Majestic View and Kate Gilger
Fabulous Fun and Mary Hunter
Mezzanotte 19 and Savannah Unger

The Great Scatsby and Christina Schueneman
Throw Down and Christine Ferret

Power Generation and Keely Ubide
Saint Finian and Tri Color Stables
Dark Ops and Katy Cabrera
Bidding Circle and Les Salzman
Taoiseach and Alaura Allen
Crime Lab and Gemini Pledger
Resiliency and Cinthia' Ane McGreevy

Opening Line and Savannah Unger
Pareja and John Livesly
Where's Dominic and Laura Mitchell
Giant K and Brittney Pledger
Go To War and Monique Kent
Rappel and Monique Kent
Procrastination and Tri Color Stables

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